About Us

The Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation is the Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC), Registered Native Title Body Corporate (RNTBC), Land Trust and Cultural Heritage Body for the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Traditional Owners. Jabalbina works towards being the first point of contact and as ‘facilitators’, supporting Traditional Owners voice in regards to making decisions for our Bubu (country), Jalun (sea) and Culture.

Jabalbina works towards being the first point of contact and as ‘facilitators’ with stakeholders and Traditional Owners that speak for country.

Jabalbina runs multiple programs that consists of teams that work closely with Traditional Owners to deliver successful outcomes. These programs include Youth Justice On Country , Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) , Rangers, Joint Management National Park CYPAL and a Tourism Project.

As Trustees of Eastern Kuku Yalanji traditional estate,  our vision is to be caring custodians of bubu (country) and jalun (sea), so Bama benefit culturally, economically, academically, and socially, while enhancing Eastern Kuku Yalanjiwarra (EKY) lore and cultural values.

The name Jabalbina was given to the Organisation by Elders at the 2007 Native Title Determination. The name “Jabalbina” means, “Home of the Ancesetors”. We work to achieve

Following 13 years of native title mediation between Eastern Kuku Yalanjiwarra and stakeholders, the Federal Court had made the consent determination of their traditional lands in Far North Queensland on 9 December 2007 in Diwan.

The native title determination included the settlement of 15 Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUA’s) registered by the National Native Title Tribunal. Each ILUA reflect agreements between various traditional owners and interested parties on the use and management of land and waters to keeping them protected. The determination area covers approximately 126,900 hectares in total from south of Mossman, west of Great Dividing Range, north near Annan River. The Eastern Kuku Yalanji traditional lands extends further off the determined areas.

Our Vision
Our Mission

As Trustees of Eastern Kuku Yalanji traditional estate our vision is to be caring custodians of bubu so Bama benefit culturally, economically, academically and socially, while enhancing Eastern Kuku Yalanji lore and cultural values.

We aspire to be self funded by exploring and developing opportunities
available to Bama.

Jabalbina will assist in the realisation of this vision through provision of quality:

  • Leadership that empowers Bama and their supporters;
  • Planning to achieve a co-ordinated approach within EKY area and its community towards achieving Jabalbina’s vision;
  • Cultural Heritage Management to ensure Bama are treated fairly and equitably in the management of Bubu and Jalun recognising the importance of traditional lore and custom in decision making;
  • Developing our Bama to achieve positive social well being with a strong
    commitment to self help and Bama participation;
  • Economic Development opportunities to achieve a sustainable, stable and prosperous economy based on the rights, interests and assets
    held in trust;
  • Investment Management to ensure the proper and appropriate investment of assets to provide for future generations


developing strategic plans to achieve a longer-term vision. The process includes defining the corporate strategic goals and intentions at the top and cascading them through each level of the organization.


Jabalbina acknowledges and pays respect to our Eastern Kuku Yalanji Elders past, present and emerging.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People are advised this website may contain images, video, voices, and names of people that have passed.